What the hell ? Ginger Snapp and the Snapp-tones Trailer Trash From Hell Ginger Snapp and the Snapp-tones have either created art here, or they have simply just lost their minds. The new CD Trailer Trash From Hell is one of those CDs that just denies to be categorized. You see you can hear alt. country, jug band quality, senseless lyrics and a completely off the wall recording. Ginger Snapp and the Snapptones - Trailer Trash From Hell This is the strangest little musical work I have heard in some time. The Snapp-Tones truly focus on their off the wall music, why is it that I am going to recommend this then? Simple, it may be strange and almost obnoxious at times, but it is a good obnoxious. Not great but this CD will grow on you if you give it the chance, and believe me in the beginning I didn't want to give it a chance. After several more listens however, I was getting hooked on this sub-underground music and the quirky lyrics. Well, I am going to let you decide for yourself, but I must admit this CD is a real treat at times. We all get tired of the humdrum and printing press sounds out there today. A great escapist CD that has a bizarre outlook on life, pick it up for under 10 bucks at CDBaby. It really does have an addictive air about it. I know you've heard of ZZTop, well Ginger Snapp and the Snapp-tones make Billy Gibbons and the boys look like N'Sync. If you're not focused on looks in a band, if vocal clarity is not your thing, if lyrics that at times go nowhere fast doesn't matter to you, well you may just be ready for Ginger Snapp and the Snapp-tones. One thing that comes to mind is if you are having a party and it is a bust, slap Trailer Trash From Hell into your CD player, you will be sure to break the ice. ( 4 Stars out of 6 )” - Rikk

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